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The Wages of Blog is “Like”.

The legal tender of blog is “like”. Its value depends on the rider. If it‘s a simple “like” it strokes the blogger’s ego. If “like” is with comments, it soars the blogger‘s confidence. If “like” is coupled with a request

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The Dusty Book Gatherer

I became the notorious “dusty book gatherer” from among the Student Assistants and the Librarians. They hated me, evading to service me at all cost. When they saw me standing at the counter, they pretended they were busy, hiding themselves from the stacks of shelves, and when they see other patrons waiting at the counter they run in their direction, but not in mine. As for the Librarian on duty, they would just try to get busy on their desk avoiding my stares.

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How to make a Disaster Video

Producing the worst, unsettling video is difficult. One needs to lump three elements for it to be objectionable worthy of ire and frustration.  These elements are: the gadgets element, the nature element, and the human element.  Smart phones are gadgets

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The Binary Thinking Mother

Mothers are binary thinker. Their base of thought consists of “0” and “1”. They are the “0’s”. And the “1’s”, their kids. As the mother’s motto has always been – the best for themselves, is the best for their kids

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Farrah’s Passion

My youngest daughter, Farrah, her passion for dancing is like an impatient Sunflower’s head thrusting into the limelight. In this video at the CN Tower in Toronto, she danced at the top glass floor which shows underneath the breath taking

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