Why Some Filipinos Refuse to See the Obvious?


The public and the pundits decades ago often times resent why only small-time corrupt players get into the dragnets of the law, and rarely a big, influential operator snatched the headlines. And now people get overwhelmed by the deluge of these big-time corrupt players – having been caught, shamed, charged, replaced, dismissed, incarcerated – still, people seem unappreciative of the great changes evolving under P’Noy’s governance.

It seems people didn’t realized that there has never in the history of the Philippine governance this so called “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” the Omerta of transactional politics had been so exposed and shattered. People do know now the faces of these big-time corrupt elected officials and the billions they stole from the government.

Jinggoy Estrada’s Senate privilege speech, said, to this effect: “Why only the three of us..?” Meaning, him, Juan Ponce Enrile, and Bong Revilla – had been pilloried in the PDAF scams, “when most of us, lawmakers, are involved?” Senator Antonio Trillanes, said of Senator Enrile as the biggest crook in the Philippine’s Senate. A lot of big names dragged into the limelight: Former Philippine’s President Gloria Arroyo, Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Renato Corona, Department Heads, the Executives of the Government Control Corporations.

As people are not kept anymore at the dark who’s who among the most corrupt in the government functionaries, still, this phenomenon is not seen as blessings. On the contrary, people simply don’t care making comparison how P’Noy governance is different to its previous predecessors in terms of the opening the platform how these malfeasance get exposed: The onslaught of emerging transparencies which before lurks behind. People just don’t dare to highlight this. Or acknowledged at least, these are happening now. And be thankful.

Never in the annals of the Philippines’ history that the country has clinched an investment grade from three international credit agencies (Moody’s, Standard & Poor & Fitch). Yet, the left-leaning organizations, the militant sectors, whose inclination has always been to degrade whatever successes the country attains never ceased to carp the usual refrain – that the dramatic increases in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) doesn’t trickle down to the masses. It is has always been like this. But it is good to know, nevertheless, that the country’s macro-economic fundamental is stable and moving, rather than feel discouraged if the economy stagnant. Although there is merit to these criticisms which has been caused by other factors other than the economics – social, cultural and structural, such as population growth, people are now witnessing and feel the sincere efforts of the current dispensation to address this. And yet, there are some people who do not seem to see this issue on their radar screen.

In two reports of the World Economic Forum (2011-2012, 2012-2013) which ranks the competitiveness of the world countries, the organization highlighted the spike – from 65th place in 2011 to 59th place in 2012 of the Philippines’ overall world ranking. And this has been attributed to in large part to the fight against corruption which spearheaded the positive trend that sweep across most dimension of the rating’s criteria – when historically, corruption drags the country’s competitiveness. In addition, the report said, the current dispensation put in place bold reforms and measure to the pressing structural issues. And this yielded positive results.

Isn’t it ironic that the world outside sees the Philippines on a better light than some of its own people?


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