Benhur Luy: The man who rocks the nation from Stupor


Who would have thought an unknown person named Benhur Luy who made a ruckus on a simple family squabbles opened a Pandora’s Box that would bring the Philippines into a tailspin. As Benhur Luy’s petty quarrels generated into a full-blown case of illegal detention, it led to the discovery of the 10-Billion PDAF scams, which involved his cousins, Janet Lim Napoles, PDAF’s alleged mastermind. Benhur Luy’s depositions seared the nation’s conscience, sent tremors on the Philippine’s political institutions, and provoked a psyops war between the government functionality and the prominent personalities.

For months, as the Philippines Daily Inquirer’s (PDI) played up the fraud based on Benhur Luy’s testimonies, describing how billions of taxpayer’s money went into the pockets of the lawmakers thru Napoles’ fake or ghost NGO’s, this struck the raw nerve of the Filipinos all over the world. Already inured of the embedded corruption, the PDAF scams managed still to grip the nations of its sordidness and of the unconscientious manner the lawmakers pulled it.

When the Department of Justice filed charges of plunder against the three Senators and some Congressman at the Office of the Ombudsman, P’Noy fired up the opening salvo of the psyops war. Bad as it is, the reputation of the Lower House and the Senate went down the drain whatever prestige left on these two political institutions.

With the legacy of one senior Senator, and the Vice President ambition of the two younger Senators at stake, to afloat their head above the deluge of shame, together with their army of spinsters and savvy PR practitioners, they muddled, misdirected, and diverted the plunder issue to DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Project). The DAP is a little known lump sum saving of the government. The opposition said P’Noy used it for political patronage. In addition, the opposition emphasized all of them have sinned, therefore P’Noy allies could go to hell as well. The opposition’s diversionary tactic worked. P’Noy’s approval rating plummeted.

To stem the tide of P’Noy’s disapproval rating, P’Noy added Herminio Coloma, his Communications Operations Secretary to his roster of spokespersons. Then the network media boosted P’Noy’s “Teflon” personality, meaning insinuations of his shortcoming does not affect him. In his 12-Minute statement to the nation on October 30, 2013, P’Noy explained again to the public the PDAF’s core issue. He detailed his use of the DAP. And he continued his offensive by tasking the Department of Justice to recommend to the Department of Foreign Affairs to cancel the passports of those lawmakers involved to the PDAF’s scams.

Now, people wait for the opposition’s next move.

The psyops war would continue. It can only stops when the Supreme Court made a ruling on the legality of the DAF and on the constitutionality of the PDAF. The sooner these issues are settled, the better it would be for the nation.

Benhur Luy, the man of the hour, in his inner thoughts perhaps wondered why an unknown man like him rocks the nation from its stupor.


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