The “Fat Lady’s” List


Until the “fat lady” sings, the PDAF’s Hullaballoo would drag the Senate to a damage institution. Then suddenly, Janet Lim Napoles, the “fat lady” who is at the vortex of the PDAF’s controversy, sang.

The Philippines’ Senate, somewhat get their prestige back when the Senate’s Blue Ribbon Committee recommended to the Ombudsman to prosecute the Three Musketeers – Senators with “Pogi”, “Sexy”, and “Tanda” moniker, of the PDAF Scam. However, when the “fat lady sang”, the Senate’s cleansing machine clogged up again.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima acceded to the request of Janet Lim Napoles for a “tell-all” confession under certain conditions favorable to the government. The Justice Secretary exacted from the “fat lady” a signed affidavit detailing her PDAF’s role and the list of people she transacted with. At the press conference, Sec. De Lima confirmed the participation of the three Senators with moniker, which the public already knew.

The next day, though, Panfilo Lacson, one of the Senators of the previous Congress who shunned the use of his PDAF, and now a Rehabilitation Czar, exploded, that he, too, had been picked by the “fat lady” for her “tell-all” declaration before De Lima. Lacson claimed that the Napoles’ List contained names of his previous colleagues in the Senate, the number of which form a quorum. He further dropped off hints of a Senator who had been smug, anxious, and belligerent prodding for a probe, but then was included in the Napoles’ List. There are also Senators, that all along, has not been dragged into the scandal, yet, Lacson was surprised the Senators made to the list, too.

The “fat lady’s” list made a ruckus. The clamor for the release of the Napoles List had been strong. Some Senators went on the defensive mode as though washing their hands in public. Name names, they instigated Lacson. They can ask Napoles, Lacson replied. No need, he further said, they know who they are. The Senators pressured De Lima to release the Napoles List, too. She said it would create mayhem if she does that now. The “Fat lady’s” “tell-all” required validation first, otherwise, it is unfair if innocent people got in the mix, De Lima said.

Enter the Daily Tribune, one of the broadsheet newspapers, which been, as always, so fortunate it has “reliable sources” at its beckon. It published names, which supposed to be included in the Napoles List. Sen. Miriam Santiago immediately alerted the public of the big psywar conspiracy of misinformation, the purpose of which is to divert people’s attention away from the principal player of the PDAF’s controversy, and shift people’s ire on P’Noy’s allies, just like what the camp did on the Disbursement Acceleration Fund. This time, however, Miriam Santiago charge Lacson as the protector of her arch enemy, “Tanda”.

At the end of the day, as the PDAF saga near to its climax. One can hold its breath, no more! The three musketeers of the PDAF’s scams with the moniker of “Pogi”, “Sexy”, and “Tanda”, will soon have their mug shot taken and get their fingers play the piano. What a beautiful karma for the nation. Corruption pays. This will change the attitude of politicians seeking public office. At least now, if the politician’s aim were to enrich, disregarding the mandate of public service, they would have a second thought to consult their conscience. Only those with a legitimate civic conscience would remain, as nothing monetary could be gained. People then would have a good choice of their Senator. That’s the only time that the Senate will rise up again as an institution of democracy.


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