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The asteroid collision in the Supreme Court Decision

When the Supreme Court ruled that the Disbursement Acceleration Project (DAP) as unconstitutional, it is as if the collegial body boiled a chicken for people to skim off its impurities because of the furor the decision has created. These impurities

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Miriam-P’Noy: Best Alternative!

Cognizant of the abuse of power ushered in by Marcos Martial Law, the framers of Cory Aquino’s Freedom Constitution limit to six years the term of the president. Sixteen years testing the new setup mob rules took precedence when the

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Bagong Nayon: A town within the town of Baliwag

Bagong Nayon the place where I was born in 1951 was known before as “Rilis” because of the presence of a railway station in Baliwag. It was one of the train stops of the Balagtas-Cabanatuan Lines. The “Rilis” name has

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