Lesser Evil Vs. Status Quo


During Cory Aquino’s 5th death anniversary Kris Aquino said, “I can tell Noy now that the great majority of people still believe in him; they know what a good job he is doing. But the problem is that his supporters and believers choose to remain silent about their observation.” Kris said this after P’Noy’s 5th SONA address which, some of P’Noy’s foes and allies hailed it as the best SONA he ever delivered.

Soon after, a clarion call, “One more term for P’Noy” (OMTFP) proliferates on Facebook. No clear indication that the netizen’s “OMTFP” is the result of Kris prodding for the silent majority to speak up, although her speech could have made a traction. The netizen drawn in on this trending topic because as of this time they have not seen who among from the potential presidential wannabes have the apparent qualities of P’Noy’s good governance that steered the nation to what it is now in the last four years of his dispensation.

During the presidential campaign of the 2010, people thought it would be a tossed up between the then Sen. Manny Villar and the former President Joseph Estrada. The two were strong and popular then. But the two had political baggage the electorates would resort to choosing for the lesser evil – the typical traditional scenario voters are confronted with. Manny Villar was embroiled with C-5 Extension Controversy, while Erap Estrada was convicted of plunder. Entered P’Noy. Here was a guy with tepid performance during his stint as a Congressman and a Senator, but came from a good stock as his parents were both heroes. Adhering to a call beckoned during his mother’s death, it presented an opportune time for him to join in the presidential race. He sparked the people’s dream. The political dynamics changed. P’Noy won the presidential race by a landslide.

P’Noy may have been a low key and a lackadaisical performer as a Congressman and Senator, although he could have been busy observing and studying activities of lives under the shady nook, or skeletons hiding in the crevices, or the inner workings of the different government functionaries to equip and harness his political acumen at a favored time. He could have been preparing himself just in case destiny intervened, he was preparing to take the Filipinos to whom his father said, is “worth dying for” to an improved status and station.

Right off the bat, during P’Noy’s inaugural address he mapped out his plans where he wanted to steer the nation. He exposed the evils of the “wang-wang” mentality, a euphemism for the government’s uncaring attitude of the past dispensations, and introduced mechanism to erase that notion. He exalted the populace as his bosses and emphasizing he was subservient to their wishes. He led by example threading the “Matuwid na Daan,” the straight path. He introduced the principle of good governance that would result good economics.

During his 5th SONA address, P’Noy differentiated the scenarios from the point of his assumption to office to what stage now the country stands.

And now, who’s the potential front-runner who wanted to take the helm of the nation after P’Noy’s term. Mr. Jejomar Binay, the Vice President? The Epal Poster Boy? The fiefdom builder who wanted to extend his Makati Kingdom throughout the Philippines Archipelago? He has a daughter who uses her PDAF for “bulate” culture in Makati…? A wife who was charge of graft and corruption at the Sandigan Bayan…? A son tagged by the social media as power abuser and now being charged of plunder for the parkade building…? The Vice president himself guilty as well of moral turpitude? The Binay clan, according to Ramon Tulfo, the columnist, are filthy rich.

On his 5th SONA, P’Noy qualified one who should be his successor. He said, his successor should be without a shred of doubt must continue the transformation he laid out threading the “Matuwid na Daan.” With heavy laden political baggage Jejomar Binay’s have, how in the world could he satisfy the criteria laid out by P’Noy.

So insecure of his surveys, Binay “epalized,” posturized scenarios, throwing trial balloons to analyze further his odds.

Now, can anyone blamed the social media then in launching the “OMTFP” only to propagate a choice between the lesser evil and the status quo?


I am passionate about writing since I was 18 years old. Slowly, through the years, though sidetracks by other endeavors, my passion never wanes. My writing showed some progress, not as much in pecuniary form, but in psychic income. My writing started to have fruition when my opinion pieces, essays, short stories, ghost-writing graced in different publications. With the advent of ¨Blogs¨ of today’s technology, my writing made a leapfrog.

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