For God’s Sake, Not Binay


Awash with cash, the Vice President Jejomar Binay could have probably commissioned two survey companies – one, for his own consumption, and the other one, for the public. This nationwide survey would determine if he is still a political force to reckon with despite the allegations of corruption slapped on him. In all likelihood, the result of these two surveys would have been positive, just that one for his personal consumption would probably teetering on the borderline, but there is still room to iron it out. The survey for public consumption, the one that just sprouted out, the “Novo Trend” Survey, an unheard of company, endowed Binay a resounding result: Binay tops again among the potential presidential wannabes. If no one from among the wannabes is squeaky-clean, it is possible that Binay would be the next President to the great dismay of Sen. Antonio Trillaness who branded Binay as a thief.

Consider the following: What kind of emotional and physical makeup Binay has that he seems impervious to the rising tide of evidence disproving his claim he is not a thief a liar or a corrupt. Not once since the Senate hearing on the overprice Makati Parking Building exploded that the appended “thief” in his name skipped the pages of tabloids and broadsheets. Disparaging remarks about his personality on Facebook could even cremate his soul. By the unearthing all of his sins, he insulted the saintliness of Jesus, Joseph, and Maria which, bears his name “Je-Jo-Mar”.

When a series of blunders mounted up, which caused panic on the Binay camp, the Vice President resorted to attacking PNoy administration. After his initial salvo, Binay asked PNoy to stop the Senate investigation as if PNoy could influence the thinking of the 24 republics. Still not happy, to stretch his luck, he pleaded that the NBI keeps its hands off in investigating him and his family, which, PNoy snubbed.

Binay ratcheted up the ante. In strongest term, he enunciated the failings of PNoy’s Government. PNoy shot back that if he is not happy with his administration, he is free to leave. Because Binay is a family friend, PNoy tamed his word, although, he wanted to bluntly say, “He was fired.”

Binay suddenly appeared conciliatory. He said, “He has a high respect for PNoy and he will continue to be a team player.”

During the Cabinet meeting tackling the issue of rehabilitation of Tacloban on the first year anniversary of the onslaught of typhoon Yolanda, Binay attended the meeting. One can imagine the tension, the awkwardness, the uneasy silence transpiring between PNoy and Binay. Both were sitting opposite each other. PNoy not looking at Binay when he spoke as if he didn’t exist, and Binay was in mute mode for the entire meeting letting his assistant do the talking.

To quip what PNoy said during his fourth SONA Address castigating the Bureau of Custom for its rampant corruption, he asked, “Saan kayo kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha…” so tailored for Binay for staying in the cabinet while criticizing the government of which is he is part of.

Even worse was when he dishonored his own words with a no show for a Senate hearing especially to be conducted by the Senate Blue Ribbon’s mother committee as per his challenge, because of his low estimation of its subcommittee.

Okay. The Vice President could drop the three senators; Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel, who Binay said, prejudged him. Just face Ernesto Mercado then: his former Vice Mayor who appears in the Senate as a resource person, has no intention of running for public office, and whose attendance was instigated by his politically novice son, invoking Mercado’s name. Jun Jun Binay said, why only them, the Binays, but Mercado was not included in the plunder charge when Mercado, too, was involved.

All that Binay has to do is refute just one of Mercado’s claim: that he was the real Binay’s dummy. That he owned a lot belonging to the alleged 350 hectares Hacienda of the Binays, but relegated the ownership to Mr. Antonio Tiu, a company executive. Mercado presented documents showing a notarized deed of sale, a land title to the property, and its tax declarations, all under his name without him knowing it until he became a whistleblower. He testified that at one time; long time ago, Binay instructed him to go at the Bank of President Jose P. Laurel in Batangas to sign a register of deeds together with his wife. Mercado’s testimony runs contrary to Tiu’s statement that he bought the properties from Laureano Gregorio which, Mercado said, he didn’t remember selling the lot partitioned under his name. This is contrary to the proof of Tiu’s ownership, who presented a non-notarized memorandum of agreement signed by Laureano Gregorio.

Binay can grill Mercado to the bone, cross-examine him to his fullest delight to extract the truth, anyway, Binay is a lawyer.

Demand for Binay’s Senate appearance has been deafening, but no avail. He let Mercado run the show. Binay’s nonappearance only means one thing, as Sen. Santiago said. It is an indication of guilt because if one were innocent one would raise hell to face his accuser to prove his innocence.

Yet Binay seems not affected by all of these, and continue to propagate his claim of political persecution, of being prejudged, the mantra of rich versus poor playing the underdog card. That is probably his purpose of commissioning two surveys: gauging his prospect. And he found out that making sorties, speaking directly to people, and enhancing his EPAL system could work as per “for his eyes only” survey. He has an advantage that gave him an ace. The army of the destitute who are not concerned of their future generation, but daily sustenance, and love sell their votes for crumbs. Eighty Eight percent of them scattered all over the Philippines. Enlightened Filipinos must reach these people showing them an alternative. For God’s sake, not Binay!


I am passionate about writing since I was 18 years old. Slowly, through the years, though sidetracks by other endeavors, my passion never wanes. My writing showed some progress, not as much in pecuniary form, but in psychic income. My writing started to have fruition when my opinion pieces, essays, short stories, ghost-writing graced in different publications. With the advent of ¨Blogs¨ of today’s technology, my writing made a leapfrog.

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