Measured But Found Wanting When at Spot is the Straight Path

Each of the three front-runners for the Presidential Plum of 2016, is measured but found wanting. The imperfection, each possesses, if not address right, say, if there emerges a three way fight for President, this would stunt the growth of whatever good governance the nation has accomplished under the P’Noy’s dispensation. For Grace Poe, it’s her delirium of her uptrend in surveys. Some say, “self- importance” had gone up into her head, giving the impression she might bite more than she can chew. For Mar Roxas, it is his persistent lackluster performance at the polls. It seems his effort to woo the hearts and minds of D & E Class don’t catch fire; only because, Roxas doesn’t have that “it” factor that these D & E sectors could relate to. And for Binay, fluke is his only hope. His latest series of public actuation is suicidal; i.e. Lifting the “term limits for elected presidents,” and the filing of a 200 Million defamation suit against his detractors. These are cover-ups to level up his bargaining chips to sell his withdrawal to any one of the contenders who can give him a compromised deal to escape jail.

A win-win scenario, as some political savvy individuals had opined is for Grace Poe to run as Mar Roxas’s vice. This is a measured one, too, but ideal. At least, potentially, the “straight path” would have a continuance.

When Grace Poe dislodged Binay from the number one spot of the voter’s preference, people in her circle jockeyed to her their own dreams, personal interest and ambition. Hangers on, too, pitches flattering ideas about her as a shoo in for President. This, massaged her ego and believed she could have a shot. Some, guilt her of “debt of gratitude.” That she wouldn’t be a political star now if not for them, therefore, she should heed to what they say. Everyone wanted a piece of her. Suddenly, Grace Poe felt she deserved entitlement. Her new found political star status lifted her “self-
important” to stratosphere.

P’Noy had made an overtures with Grace Poe, to be Roxas’s running mate, and the latter told the President, she would remain independent, and if she would run, she would take Chiz Escudero as her Vice. One wonders … Why Grace Poe is seems cock sure on that declaration. Why is that a big consideration? Well, her lead in the survey made it so. However, to go it alone as an independent is a gigantic task to pull, more so, if you carry with you a heavy baggage as Chiz Escudero.

First off, the survey, which she probably based her pronouncement is volatile at best. Binay who declared his intention to run a long time ago had been beset with graft and corruption allegations. And since people remembered that Poe topped the last senatorial election, her name constantly popped up in people’s mind during the survey. As the others are coy to formally declare their intention, people seem to have only two choices: Binay and Poe. So who would the survey respondents pick? Poe has an edge because her name is untainted yet.

Grace Poe may have an aptitude and the correct attitude to run the country, but that wouldn’t suffice. One must have an administrative and ministerial skill. Her three years experience in legislative work in the Senate is not enough to run the country as rambunctious as the Philippines. She needed more of a fine tuning mechanism of her ability. If she would abruptly become the President, she would be eaten alive by the people that surround her who have diversified motivations. To pick and choose which of these motivations would help her to move the country forward required the necessary skill of a pro, not of a novice. Yes, she would have a coterie of advisers, but if one wouldn’t have sufficient knowledge of the intricate inner workings of the government, she that comes from the outside, would find it difficult to hand down vital decisions which required quick response, as she needed to sift through the myriad of thoughts offered by her advisers. In other words, Grace Poe, would be prepared as President, if she undergoes training first, by way, of being a Vice President.

Logistics and party machinery are important factors to win to win the Presidency. No one in the Philippine political history that the Presidency has won by the independents. To think that logistical support and party machinery would come down as manna from heaven on the strength of surveys, or later, while the fight is on- going is downright idiotic.

And look who Poe is running with, Chiz Escudero! People remembered him as a savvy political opportunist. He orchestrated the “NoyBi” tandem, which clinched victory in the Presidential election of 2010, meanwhile that he has an open alliance with the other political parties. That was when Binay’s corruption has not been dug up yet, but when it surfaced, Chiz abandoned Binay. Now he’s playing the “debt of gratitude” card with Poe. And Poe seems beholden to Chiz. How far would these two independents would go?

Meanwhile, had there been substantial issues against Mar Roxas for his years in government service? Roxas’s integrity is kept intact. He served several Presidents and shown his dexterity and intelligence to jobs he handle. Joseph Estrada vouched for his intelligence and diligence as his Secretary of Trade and Industry. He kept his name clean throughout. He showed his statesmanship, too, when he gave way to P’Noy to run for President instead of him, setting aside his personal ambition. And that statesmanship earned him an accolade from his colleague; friends and foe alike, so much so that he always gets an easy sailing Senate confirmation to the job he has been appointed to. Just that, for some reason, the D & E didn’t get that, probably because he is a technocrat.

Roxas belongs to a ruling coalition and has the LP Party machinery behind him. P’Noy would campaign hard him for Roxas for sure. And his endorsement would be as effective, as his performance is not that bad unlike his predecessors. The impact of P’Noy endorsement can still be felt just like the campaign, he did for the coalition during the 2013 election, where 9 out 12 of Senators were elected.

Early in the game, voter’s preference survey is not a good indicator that one would be elected. The dynamics could change. Party supports and logistics are not sure to come. Most likely, both Poe and Escudero would end up as Senators still, but it is not a good record to be a loser. In a three way fight, the fluke Binay hope would be a possibility. The principles of “straight path” would be in danger, and God forbid if that happens. However, if Grace Poe, chose to run as Vice President for Roxas, that means “self- important” give way for the love of the country besides being a good omen for her. This is a measured one, too, but perfectly all right.


I am passionate about writing since I was 18 years old. Slowly, through the years, though sidetracks by other endeavors, my passion never wanes. My writing showed some progress, not as much in pecuniary form, but in psychic income. My writing started to have fruition when my opinion pieces, essays, short stories, ghost-writing graced in different publications. With the advent of ¨Blogs¨ of today’s technology, my writing made a leapfrog.

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2 comments on “Measured But Found Wanting When at Spot is the Straight Path
  1. Should there be a PoEscudero team-up, Escudero will have his easiest election yet.


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