Grace Poe: “Mandate Rejector”

Just as the motherhood statements croaks by the politicians like frogs during rainy seasons, so are the political surveys sprouting up like mushroom during the political season. These phenomena are all too common, the aim of which is to stoke the herd mentality of the Filipino. What they do is positioning their magnetic needle implanting a trend for bandwagon effect. Depending on which camps the politicians belong, the motherhood statements and political surveys are like riding in tandems snatching voter’s sanity. People get confused, mad, and made them morons.

The motherhood statements and political surveys, are like watermelon seeds during the summer. The politicians spit them out with gusto. The people get bewildered as it rained down on them. Election after election, their lives, still miserable. And of course, they fumed as hell. As the electorates are bombarded with the same, empty, rehashed rhetoric, the politicians treat them with disrespect and thought of them as imbeciles. It kept on happening, but, whose fault is it anyway?

Take the case of Grace Poe, a certified upcoming opportunist who aspires to be the President of the Philippines. First off, she is an ingrate “Mandate Rejecter”. Around 20 million voters voted for her in 2013 as a Senator, under a tacit agreement with the people that she will serve the nation for six years. Now, three years down the road, with meager accomplishments in terms of legislative attempts, she’s gunning the highest position of the land. She has nothing much to speak of, and yet, she has that gumption to abandon the mandate entrusted to her. What does she think of the 20 million people who voted for her: Dolls to play with?

And then, when she announced she’s running for President, one of the most irritating croak of her motherhood statements was, she would follow what her late father, Fernando Poe Jr., did: “Love and defend the poor”. Huh! Her late father had not even held any government position in his life. He played roles of them in the celluloid world, but not in the political world. Like her, out of the blue Fernando Poe Jr., attempted to be President, but failed. How would Grace Poe continue her father’s legacy if there was? Would she use her fist in rapid fire successions to beat down the movie goons, the likes of Max Alvarado and Paquito Diaz to defend the poor?

Grace Poe introduced also her 20 bullets platforms which, according to news reports she mulled it over in earnest. Then, what she came up with are like laundry list; items, which were already known in public. They lacked originality. She rehashed the incumbent’s program of government, the “Daang Matuwid,” and all the stuff surrounding it; like, inclusive economic growth, about the West Philippine Sea, infrastructures, etc., as if this early, she had already been sick of amnesia that she didn’t know what’s happening around her. The laundry list she mentioned, some of them has already been done and continuing.

Grace Poe epitomized what the movie actress Cherry Gil said in the movie “Bituing Walang Ningning, which she spouted off this famous movie line: “You’re nothing but a second rate trying hard copycat”. Or, to emphasize the point further, this tweet of Joey de Leon of the TV show Eat Bulaga, where he said, “We came. They saw. They copy” a swipe directed to Showtime, a rival noon time TV show about their “Pastillas Girl” trying hard to copy the 12 million tweets of “YayaDub” of “#ALDUB”.

Then, as this early, when filing of certificate of candidacy is not even starting, the battle of survey of competing political parties confused the people of their own polls, each claiming their and respective candidate is gaining ground or ahead. The RMN radio Mindanao polls said, Binay is on the lead, while the LP’s own survey, it is Roxas. Then the Magdalo, which says, it is Grace Poe.

The motherhood statements and political surveys is like a twin headed dragon spoiler of democracy.


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