The Recycled Illegal Drug Modus

Not anymore the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) the place of the living hell. Per the testimony of the convicted felons, the NBP turned up as den of earthly paradise.

The public is unaware that Little Las Vegas thrive unmolested inside; booze, chicks, and shows, flows in abandon. The NBP is now the illegal drug trading center. The NBP developed into a nouveau rich habitat instead of a reformatory enclave. Goods and services come and go encouraging commerce.

“Bilibid,” had the reputation before as the most feared penitentiary of the convicted felons. Now to be incarcerated there is a blessing in disguise.

All these things brought out in the open, courtesy of the fight between Rodrigo Duterte and Leila De Lima, the colorful characters right now of Philippine’s politics.

Sen. Leila de Lima instigated the investigation in the Senate of the Extra-Judicial Killing, (EKJ) as a consequence of Duterte’s fight against illegal drugs. The International Human Rights Organizations got alerted. And this enhances further Duterte’s fouled mouth exposure in the world scene.

In turn, Duterte’s allies in the Lower House retaliated. The House Committee on Justice conducted, too, an investigation. This time, it’s the proliferation of illegal drugs during De Limas’ watch of the NBP. This intensifies further the extent of De Lima’s illicit love affairs.

Ditching for the moment the political sopp opera, the probe in the Lower House Chamber produced an insight of one aspect of the illegal drug problems: The modus how the confiscated drugs during raids recycled back to the street by the so called “Ninja Cops”.

The PNP Deputy Chief of Operations, Benjamin Magalong explained the modus.

He said, “We conducted operational research and case build-up for the three PNP Officers, and Non Commission Officers as well for the “Operation Agaw-Bato”.

“Agaw-Bato” is an illicit activity of officers under the guise of legitimate anti-drug operation. These Officers will file Pre-Operational report to PDEA. Upon launching the operation, once they nabbed the big-time drug trafficker and seized the drugs, if while on their way out, they are seen by other law enforcement agencies, they will present the document as proof of the legitimacy of the operation. At their safe-house they divide the seized drugs and sold them in “fast-break”.

If no one sees them, just the same, they would divide the loot, and sold it to “fast-break,” as well.

On a bigger haul, say, 100 kgs., of drugs, they will only declare 30 kgs., and sold the rest, too, to “fast-break”.

In the meantime, the Chinese nationals that they nabbed would get landed in the paper as kidnap-for-ransom-victim.  Once the ransom was paid, they would seize another Chinese national and declared that the kidnapping is solved.

People only heard of snippets, anecdotes, and sparse explanation of how the recycled drugs get back to the streets. With Magalong’s explanation, however, it provided a complete picture how recycled drugs roamed in the street again.

Two events people could stitch together to visualize the full measure of Magalong’s explanation:

1)  The circumstances when Marine Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino was arrested and found in his possession 76.7 kgs., of shabu and 490 milliliters of liquid shabu together with Yan Yi Shuo, a PDEA suspect, when swooped down at a shabu laboratory in Sta Cruz Manila on January 21, 2016.

And 2) The event when Police Officer 2, Jolly Aliangan who reported directly to Joel Pagdilao fingered by Duterte as one of the five police generals who protected drug lords was arrested at his house while in possession of 100 grams of shabu with P7 million in cash, firearms, and found to have brand new cars.









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