An Apt Trick For An Old Dog



As people say, you cannot teach an old dog a new trick, but you can tempt him not to bark bad words. How? Easy!

In Duterte’s case, a team of speech writer could be of help. Each member of the team must have at least an encyclopedic mind with mastery of wordplay endowed with glib of the tongue.

For example, one of the speech writers can be an expert in gutter utterances, but also well-schooled. Another would be an academe, but also quick to a draw of witty quip. Or, one would have a vast knowledge of languages and dialects for speedy word alteration and substitution.

On Duterte’s speaking engagement, these speech writers will put their heads together to craft a speech which would reflect and match with Duterte’s speaking styles.

From time to time, Duterte complains of the prepared speech for him. Because it’s too decent, and not a true reflection of himself. Or, too statesmanlike, that, as he said, he had never ambitioned. Or, too presidential, which he may find awkward. He usually junked the prepared speech, slighted it, and go ahead with his extemporaneous one.

Actually, the speech writer team would not sweat that much because Duterte’s speeches usually thread on recurring topics: His battle against the illegal drugs. The crime attributed to the constant used of “shabu” as it shrinks the addicts’ brains, therefore, not lucid to determine what is right or wrong.

The peace problem in Mindanao, which he would tell the story of Magellan and his gunpowder. His family lineage. About his hate of the Abu Sayyaf. About Nur Misuari the “MN” and the “MI”. His unflinching support for his military, promising them of increase in pay and giving them Glock-9. About his reservation of the ongoing peace talks with the Reds. And of course, as always, his habit of putting at stake his life, honor, and the presidency.

The only thing that would change the dynamic of his speech is when somebody gets in the way on his fight with the illegal drug. Nobody but nobody crosses him with this. This is where he would get ballistic spouting off the skunk and sewage of his foul mouth – whoever they are. More so, if he had ammunitions to fire back at them. Sen. Leila De Lima, for example, or those backers of Human Rights Organizations, those governments of the high and the mighty. Or those he knew historically that they are not the paragon of virtues after all.

This is where the services of his speech writer team are mostly needed. Predictably, as they know how their boss would react to criticism they could downgrade those sewage words of his to something acceptable, but still fits his speaking style. It’s cursing still, but not as harsh with a lesser impact.





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