A “Gray” Extra Judicial Killing (EJK)



People’s automatic thoughts of the death of Albuera Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa under Police Custody is a classic case of Extra Judicial Killing (EJK).

Ensued investigation, for sure, will follow. At the very least, it would come out as “gray” EJK.  Because, since at stake here is the government’s campaign against illegal drugs, it would weaken Duterte’s resolve of killing the last drug lords or pusher. The government wouldn’t permit the black and white EJK findings because it would strengthen the allegation that the state condoned EJK, which the government denied.  And besides, of course, Duterte wouldn’t want to make Sen. Leila de Lima happy and have her last say…”You see. I told you so.?  Also, Sen. Leila de Lima’s International Human Rights Organization’s allies would roll out more contentious issues, which would tend to induce more cuss words from Duterte.

So, the best would be a “gray” EJK. Likely, the public would approve this in acquiescence. After all, Mayor Rolando Espinosa has been identified as the Personality of Menace. Alive, he could still put out Judicial challenges with his money. It would be better to shorten the process.

So, who could feast on this issue? The politicians and the media organizations, of course. The politicians for the media mileage they would get. Again, they would put out a show to resume the investigation of the EJK in the Senate and in the Lower House.

The media organization, on the other hand, would fight it out for better rating producing the best slant of the case. Right now, one of them floats the idea that somehow, Kerwin Espinosa, the mayor’s son who was captured in Abu Dhabi, possesses a list of drug protectors under their payroll. The media connected the information and insinuated that one of the operatives who fired the fatal shot was somehow a spy or a double agent.

The question is, how would the government make the killing of Mayor Espinosa as a “gray” EJK. Simple.  Stick to the narrative made by the Chief Inspector Leo Laraga, head of the provincial Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Northern Leyte who lead the team killing Espinosa inside his cell at the Baybay City Sub-Provincial jail before dawn on November 5, 2016.

Chief Inspector Leo Laraga said: The jail guard on duty barred them from entering the Espinosa’s cell, although they have a search warrant. Using a bolt cutter, they get inside the facility after 20 minutes of arguments.

On entering with our yelling, the jail occupants fired at us, said Laraga.  I ordered the detainees to drop down. Shootout started. Mayor Espinosa dead, and recovered from him was a .38 Super revolver, an “expensive gun” and a “Collector’s” item, and a plastic of suspected shabu.  At the other cell occupied by Raul Yap, another drug suspect, a 45-pistol seized and five sachets of shabu.

Laraga opined also that Mayor Espinosa and Raul Yap decided to shoot out for fear of being killed inside their detention cell. Of course, they are aware of the same scenario happening in series operations done in the jail.

For sure, the team will release the video taken by the jail’s CCTV camera to corroborate Laraga’s statement.

Never mind if, on scrutiny of the resumption of the Senate investigation of the EJK, holes would come out of the Laraga’s statement. At the very least, though, it would end as “gray” EJK.


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