Revenge in aid of Narco-Politics


Revenge unmasked the face of narco-politics in the Philippines.

During the month, August 2016, Duterte issued pronouncements indicative of narco-politics looming large in Philippine’s horizons.

On August 17, Duterte detonated his opening salvo against Sen. de Lima. He said, she has a romantic dalliance with her driver-bodyguard Ronnie Dayan, who collect drug money from inmates of the New Bilibid Prison. Sen. Leila de Lima blasted the accusation as “character assassination”.

On August 23, Duterte released a drug matrix involving Dayan and de Lima and other honchos of the Bureau of Corrections. Dayan went into hiding.

It was in August, too, that Duterte accused the father and son Espinosa of Albuera Leyte of drug trafficking. He ordered them to surrender, else, they would be shot on sight.

Rolando Espinosa, the father, turned himself in, but Kerwin, his son, fled.

The Police Operatives on the strength of a search warrant raided the elder Espinosa’s house which yielded considerable amounts of shabu and scores of high caliber firearms. Thus, he was jailed.

Sen. de Lima as chair of the Senate Committee on justice led the investigation of Duterte’s alleged Human Rights violations and Extra Judicial Killing, which attracted International Human Right Watchdog Organization.

US President Obama lectured Duterte on how he should deal with the country’s drug problem. Duterte got mad. The enmity between Duterte and Sen. de Lima heated up

On September 2016, the Lower House investigated of the drug proliferation in the New Bilibid Prison the theme of which was: big time drug lord’s inmates were pooling money for de Lima’s senatorial run. This strengthened Duterte’s claim that de Lima opened the portals of government to narco-politics.

Three succeeding events dovetailed highlighting revenge to unmask narco-politics.

  • Rolando Espinosa, the Alberta Mayor was killed inside the jail by the Police Operatives.
  • Kerwin Espinosa who fled to Abu Dhabi got arrested and escorted by the police to fly back to Manila and face the Senate probe.
  • The manhunt for Ronnie Dayan ended and faced the Congressional Hearing.

The killing of Rolando Espinosa by Chief Inspector Leo Laraga compelled his son, Kerwin to divulge all their drug protector under their payroll including those of the raiding team.

In other parts of his testimony, Kerwin narrated, also, how the connection between him, Dayan and de Lima established.

The most dramatic Senate scene, which manifested Kerwin’s anger and revenge motivation was when Kerwin described how Marvin Marcos, head of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection, sold police protection in exchange of three million. It was for his wife who is running for Vice Mayor and he’s out of cash.

Kerwin, with displeasure stance, veered away from reading his prepared statement. He gave Marcos a seething look and sliced him to the bone of his pricking narrative. Marvin Marcos elicited deadpan reaction: Although his eyes couldn’t have denied the accusation. His eyes were stern, criticizing and disapproving – they have the semblance of a cornered rat.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson broke Kerwin’s emotional intensity. He reminded him to address the chair instead of Marvin Marcos.

During the first hearing, Sen Panfilo Lacson asked Marvin Marcos if he knew or had spoken to Kerwin. Marvin Marcos denied this.

Also, news just came out that Marvin Marcos was at one time relieve of his post because of his involvement in the drug operation, but was just reinstated by Police General dela Rosa at the behest of someone from the “higher-up”.

It turned out that the “higher up” was Duterte himself. The president was in the thick of case build up and didn’t want it get interrupted in midstream. This is the latest controversy hounding the headline.

Kerwin implicated too, the Albuera Chief of Police Jovie Espinido for revenge, as there was a time Espinido wanted to murder him.

Kerwin dropped off Espinido’s name as the one instrumental for him to meet Dayan, who admitted receiving money from Kerwin under de Lima’s instructions.

Well, you guys killed my father, might as well we all go to hell. This might be the trend of Kerwin’s thought.

Ronnie Dayan’s, affidavit focused on his love affair with Sen. de Lima to the consternation and delight of the lawmakers’ eager beaver to shine. Consternation, because Dayan denied most of the testimonies of the prisoner inmates. Delighted, because they feasted and dig deeper on the racy, X-rated aspect of their love affair: The slut shaming of de Lima.

Dayan, jealous of de Lima’s new boyfriend, named Warren Cristobal, avenged for de Lima’s ditching of him. He betrayed de Lima by showing to the Lower House Committee her text messages to his daughter instructing him to go into hiding to evade appearance on the Lower House investigation. The Congress slapped de Lima with obstruction of Justice and issued show cause order for her.

Revenge dynamic can get the nation to narco-politics. It was a good thing it came out in the open now.


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