The Irony of Mocha Uson Appointment



Ms. Margaux Justiniano Uson, known also as “Mocha Uson” appointed as PCOO’s Assistant Secretary is ironic.

On Uson’s pretext that people relied on wrong reports coming from the mainstream media, she said, she would be in charge fighting the fake news. This is ironic: when she herself was the source of bogus news.

Consider this: To highlight Duterte’s care for the ordinary Filipinos, Uson applauded the DSWD system of packing the 50,000 relief goods. It was a news report published on October 1, 2015, during the previous administration. Uson grabbed the good vibes of that old report making it appear it was the handiwork of his idol. The netizens got mad.

Last November 18, 2016, Uson downplayed the protest rally borne out of Duterte’s decision to go ahead with the burial of the former dictator at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. She claimed a distressed mother of one student of St. Scholastic College who took part in the protest rally messaged her that the school forced the student to attend the rally. Uson also accused the school of child abuse. Some of the mothers denied Uson’s claim, but victorious imparting that the protest was not real, but coerced dissent.

In one of Uson’s blog post, she riled why the Human Rights Commission is in mute mode on their condemnation and outraged when she shared the photo of a girl raped and murdered.

Uson insinuated that the Human Rights Commission cherry-picked only those of his boss’s EJK and keep their mouth shut on the others. Later, snooper found out that the crime photos used by Uson came from Brazil. Her post disappeared.

Mocha Uson’s love affairs with fake news is a self-destructive journalism as it descends to personal perspective. Journalism is not anymore, the bearer of universal truth but a matter of self-truth, which can be dangerous.

To handle OFW’s woes is another thrust of Mocha Uson’s appointment. It seemed the OFW’s complaints are not quickly taken care of by either OWWA or the Dept. of Labor through the social media. It implied also that inutile people handle these government agencies. They could not deal the immediate concern of the OFW’s, so they need Mocha Uson to the rescue.

Never mind, if Mocha Uson runs over the Deputy Administrators positions on both OWWA and the Labor Department. Uson clinched the Assistant Secretary position with a Salary of Grade 29. The irony is, her appointment is an expensive duplicate. The other presidential appointees scattered over the government agencies is an example on how to bloat government bureaucracy.

Since these appointees have nothing to do, as they can delegate the job to their subordinates (most of them with CESO certification from the Director down) this will produce an army of “15-30” bosses, if not, spending their time traveling under the pretext of – it’s job-related.

Presidential Appointment as payment of the debt of gratitude would take a heavy toll on people’s money as demonstrated by the appointment of Mocha Uson.






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