Maute’s Intention of Timing



A month ago, in one of Duterte’s speeches, he mentioned that Hapilon could be dead as he had never been heard or seen. Airstrike seriously wounded Hapilon in the arms in their clash with the AFP on January 28, 2017, at Butig, Lanao del Sur. Hapilon fled, carried by four men on a makeshift stretcher.

Duterte’s ad libs or psyops on Hapilon being dead have two interpretations: One, Duterte wanted to create the impression that the military can lax in their pursuit. And second, in the likelihood of the military’s switched focus, Hapilon tend to lower his guard and expose himself.

After the spread of Duterte’s ad libs, Hapilon appeared on Facebook with his old photo. He wanted to surrender. Then another post followed. He put conditions for his surrender. Duterte’s ad libs – Hapilon’s post on Facebook, could be a strategy or a psyops, too.

The ad libs of Duterte worked. Hapilon surfaced. He might be tired of fighting. Or, might have a change of heart.  A 5 million dollars bounty pegged, too, on his head coming from the U.S.

Tantalized of the ideas that Hapilon coming to the fold of the law, the military could have put their guard down. Nice if they get Hapilon and the bounty on his head with little hassle.

Little the military know the joined forces of Abu Sayaf and the Maute Terrorist could have planned along the siege of the Marawi.

The Maute Terrorist timed it when the military attempted to serve warrants of arrest for Hapilon, and this was a day after suicide bomber Salman Abedi, a suspect of Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester England detonated his bomb.

From January to May 2017, the city of Marawi, Maute terrorist stronghold, where Hapilon fled, became Hapilon’s sanctuary. From here, he got medical attention and recuperate.

Other parts of the City of Marawi have been the beneficiaries of the illegal drug and kidnap for ransom cottage industries. The Abu Sayaf Leader Isnilon Hapilon who now heads the Maute-ISIS inspired terrorist got cooperation and protection from the locals by being tight-lipped of their presence because they get provision out of it.   As Sen. Honasan has said, failure of intelligence is not the cause of the onslaught of the Marawi siege, but by the failure of coordination.

The siege of the Marawi City by the Maute-ISIS inspired terrorist, jumped on the impact of the Manchester England bombing. It generates humongous world attention. The inhuman horror displayed by the local terrorist which copied that atrocities committed by the ISIS of the Middle East supplied the local terrorist with the impetus needed to seek recognition, endorsement, and funding. That is Maute’s intention of its timing.







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