Speculation at it’s Best

The US President Trump segued his speech on the US withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord labeling the Resort World Casino attack as a terrorist act.

As it came from the US President that served as a magnet for wild speculations on terrorism.

The ISIS ratcheted up their propaganda owning the incident as their handiwork. As the ongoing battle between the Maute-ISIS inspired terrorists and the government forces rage on in Marawi City, it can be thought as a diversionary tactic.

The smug media, Maria Ressa of the Raffler, interviewed the former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan hours after the incident occurred. The interview insinuated heavily on terrorism. Their talks touched on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the 9-11 terrorist attack on the United States. He plotted to blow up dozen American Airlines. In a rented apartment in Malate, Manila used for making bombs razed by fire, the Manila police found a fax file buried in a computer, detailing the failed plot. Maria Ressa hinted a similar scenario with the attack at the Resort World Casino.

Pantaleon Alvarez, the House Speaker spoke, it’s the “Lone Wolf” terrorist, who perpetuate the terrorist act.

Early abbreviated identities of the gunman as a six feet footer Caucasian, who speak English, bolster that the incident at the Resort World Casino is an act of terror.

People scampered to say their pieces. And most of them leading to terrorist acts. One wonders why can’t people wait for the final verdict of the investigation, instead of airing their own version.

One cannot blame why people rushed to their judgment. People are fed up of getting fake news and felt cheated. So, better trust their own interpretation. The government functionaries from time to time dished out double talk, it loses its credibility. The media dig up, lace, or embellish their copies with shocking effect. It gets traction on people not discerning enough. People gossiped. And the copies become believable and credible. The truth then gets altered.

The Chief of the National Capital Region Police (NCRP) Oscar Albayalde as his team pieced together the physical and testimonial evidence, put to shame the US President Trump, the ISIS, the Raffler, and Pantaleon Alvarez because of their wild speculations. Albayalde declared in his news conference that the Manila Casino attacker, which killed 37 people by suffocation was Jesse Carlos, a deranged robber. A former employee of the Dept. of Finance heavily indebted because of gambling.




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