Let the Reds Lived with their own Delusions


Presidents come and go. They tried to make peace with the Reds, but unsuccessful. Pissed off, Duterte chided. Go ahead fight for another 50 years.

The past Presidents that the Reds had dealt with, Duterte is the most generous. He allowed three from their ranks heads cabinet portfolios. He freed political prisoners – those whose capture cost resources – and now, fugitives as they are, the government will spend more for their recapture. Inured of the same old tricks of reneging peace by the Reds for years, the military refused to give more of their demands. Duterte defied their advice hoping the Reds done with their charade. He knew Joma Sison have colon cancer, he could reconsider peace.

But, they pushed for more concessions. Duterte threw the gauntlet. The worst, of it, in several occasions, while talks are ongoing, the Reds launched treacherous attacks. It pained him his soldier get killed. But Duterte kept on forging peace.

At the height of the Maute siege of the Marawi City, the Reds ambushed Duterte’s convoy. Joma Sison’s excuse was: the military should ask a safe conduct pass.

Who they think they are? Are they occupying a territory? Do they have the strength? In the last 50 years, the Reds’ haughtiness has been their landmark stance.

The time of Presidential convoy ambush amid the Marawi debacle reprised the Reds’ old strategy of creating a crisis to foment revolution to snatch power. It is reminiscent of the grenade attack of Plaza Miranda in 1971. A patent handiwork of Joma Sison.  Imagine the chaos when Duterte get killed.

So, the peace talks collapse for the nth times.

When Duterte thrown in his tirades against the Reds during his second SONA, his audience gave him an astounding applause.  People’s sentiments exploded. The NPA is the scourge of society! Reds, until now refused to accept the tag.

As a follow up to his SONA, Duterte bared his plan to build a strong military in two years. He accepted an offer to buy drones and “high altitude planes” capable of bombing the forested lair of the NPA. He warned the communist rebels, they are his next target after the conflict in Marawi ended

So now let the Reds lived with their own delusions.


















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