The Impact of the Swear Jar

Duterte’s head is an inverted bulb of a thermometer. The rise and fall of the temperature as reflected in the glass column is his valuation of himself. That changes from hour to hour. He boils at different degree.

His unscripted speeches as dictated by his emotion of the hour throws myriad of impressions which has the unintended consequence of a national and international level. His constant flip-flop statements – this, jitters his apologist. They wrack their brain how to remedy or decrease the damage.

How one characterizes his first-year reign of the government? War on all fronts! Bicker with his political enemies. Fight with the communist. Battle with the terrorists. Combat with drug lords, pusher, and user.

These wars cost money and lives. The war in Marawi alone will cost the government 20 Billion pesos for its rehabilitation. As former President Ramos had said, the war could have been averted had Duterte conducted a consensus with various stakeholders. Hermogenes Esperon, the National Security Adviser admitted there were shortcomings of their intelligence. For Duterte the siege of Marwari worsens because the Maute brothers were financed by drug lords.

Duterte can improve. It’s not too late. His government is only one-year-old, room for improvement is still wide.

During Duterte’s campaign, he promised to discipline his uncouth mouth. He vowed that for every curse he uttered Caritas Davao, a Roman Catholic Church foundation, will get his 1000-peso fine. He made that vow on December 4, 2015. Granting he did well with his pledge, by now, the Caritas Davao had received the one billion-peso Trillanes claimed AMLC found in his bank accounts. The other recipient of the expletive money from his “swear jar” for sure will get ecstatic for the windfall.


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