Outright Destabilization Habit


Duterte fostered destabilization during his presidential campaign. Unnoticeable then, because people were mesmerized of his bullying style and dirty mouth.

Filipinos always seek something different for a president. When Erap Estrada run, people said, let’s try a movie actor and an uneducated one.  We’ve tasted the intelligent and the professional. Look, where they brought us? The Bar top-notcher gifted us with his Martial Law. Bitter lessons learned, the people switched back to the normal choice –at least the elected ones were college graduate and acted presidentiable. The sticky issues of corruption hounded their rule.

Despite Digong’s outright destabilization habit, 16 million voters still elected him. Filipinos are desperate locating Moses to deliver them to the promise land. But their psyche veered them away from deliverance. They always try though. They seek a leader to ignite their fantasy and fancy. Duterte fits the bill.

The Filipinos love to disunite. Unity for them is a fragile proposition. Instances bonded them in worthy cause. But as always, they go back to their comfort zone—to disunite.

After a year in office, Digong have an affair with his blatant destabilization act: Outright disrespect of his office. Its ominous effect rubs off everyone.

He issued a stern warning. If the destabilization gets worse, he will declare a revolutionary government. The irony is, he himself is the blatant destabilizer. The nation and the people get hurt of his disrespect of his own office. They unite again for a worthy cause. Then the spontaneous combustion of hatred seeks for his downfall.

Duterte calculated this risk. As he knew, unity is a fickle trait.  People’s self-interest will come first.  He’s safe.


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