NPA, Terrorist!

The NPA exhausted the patience and goodwill of DU30.

“Daming Arte. Akala mo sila Gobyerno,” Duterte spouted off, raining his saliva to the microphone.

Duterte tagged the NPA and the NDF as “Terrorist”. Good for them!

For over three decades, the NPA negotiated peace with the government. They used the fora as a ruse to ratchet up their gangsterism, ambuscades and extortions. Under the pretext of peace, they demanded a coalition government, as if they are on equal footing with the government forces. They leave it last of their demand because they knew it’s impossible.

Meanwhile, they wanted to free their comrades, dubbed as political prisoners, but committed crimes in the society. They sought for ceasefire as a confidence build-up mechanism. Once they got concessions, they displayed their treachery, insincerity and atrocities. They ambushed. Killed soldiers. Burned machineries. Imposed revolutionary tax; sabotaging the country’s economy.

Sometimes, the NPA/NDF diverted their focus, creating sinister scenarios reminiscent of the Plaza Miranda Bombing. At the height of the Marawi conflict, they attacked Duterte’s convoy. If Digong got killed in that convoy, the nation holed in to havoc and mayhem. An opportunity for the NPA to enter the scene, hoping to seize power. DU30, then halted the peace negotiations.

But Duterte stretched further his goodwill. He gave peace another chance.

Then, the NPA backed in their old ways. They killed a four months old baby in an ambush. Intensified their extortion racket, taxing the mining companies. If they refused, their machineries burned disrupting their production. Farmer’s produce didn’t escape from the NPA taxation. This increases the price of the agricultural product. These straws broke Duterte’s back.

The NPA deserved to be Terrorist and suffer the consequences of being outlaws. People hope this will end the saga of peace negotiation with the Reds.


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