The Hearsay Blabberer

Atty. Larry Gabon, a vainglorious empty swagger, in his 2016 Senate run quoted: “He would murder women, men, elderly, and children and torch the Muslim communities if they will not help in government efforts to stop the rebellion in Mindanao”. Because of this, he earned a disbarment case in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines for inciting violence.

People toyed what motivates Atty. Gabon to file an impeachment complaint against the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Gabon is a Marcos apologist. He run for the Senate under the Kilusan ng Bagong Lipunan (KBL) – the known Marcoses’ Political Party.

Sereno voted against the Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. At Imelda Marcos’ instigation, Bongbong Marcos wanted to return at the Malacanang. For him to do that, he must dislodge Leni Robredo as the Philippines’ Vice-President by filing an electoral protest. But with Sereno at the Judiciary, she will frustrate the Marcoses. Sereno must disappear. Atty. Gabon filed an impeachment complaint.

The current Congress comprised of Duterte’s allies. The agendas of the current administrations – Revolutionary Government, the thorny issue of Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) and host of other issues, which Sereno is against, Gabon’s impeachment complaint got the Congress’ nod. Gabon celebrated his victory. He was right in his assessment to let the Duterte allies fish for themselves the substance of his complaints.

Gabon dethroned Atty Oliver Lozano, another Marcos Loyalist, as King of Impeachment Complaint Filer for public spectacle’s sake.

He perjured himself during the “probable cause” hearing. An empty swagger as he is, he asked Sereno to resign to save herself from humiliation. Then Gabon sputtered that oligarch planned to bribe senators to acquit Sereno in her Senate impeachment trial.

Senator Lacson tagged Gabon as the “Hearsay Blabberer.”


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