Three P’s of Practical Proposals

Political Will, Persistency, and Personal Discipline are ingredients needed for a country to move on.

DU30’s, political will is up for a toast.

The Pinagkaisang Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Operator Nationwide (PISTON) rejected the jeepney modernization plan. In some cases, PISTON launched “tigil pasada.”Because of this, the government suspended classes and ordered a holiday for workers. They penalized the public, denying them of choices of rides to school or workplace. This reduced man-hours productivity and interrupted student’s learning.

The riding public has always been disadvantaged of these “coffins” plying on the street. Engine’s exhaust of these dilapidated machines exposed the public to lung cancer. Its fumes floated toxic elements in the air. As a mass transport, the jeepneys contributed little to the mass movement of people. The most that this transport can move is 10 to 15 people per trip.

Come January 2018, the political will of the president’s will get sink with fire and brimstones. Agitated by their Red leaning allies to provoke violence, rubber bullets will fly in protest rallies. If mayhem and casualties occur, the NPA’s allies exploits the event to trigger what they dream of 50 years: Revolution.

But as Digong said, “he thrives best in turmoil”.  He proved that in the Marawi conflict.

MMDA Chairman, Danilo Lim, right in assuming his office, said: He will not introduce a new traffic scheme in Metro Manila. He’s happy reviving old law.

He targeted car parking on the main road, and illegal vendors on the sidewalks. Lots of illegal parked vehicle towed and ticketed. With Illegal vendors invasions of the service road and the sidewalks, their stalls dismantled, and their paraphernalia confiscated.

It’s a case of cat-and-mouse chase. If the MMDA forego the “ningas kogon” syndrome, and used persistency implementing the law, who will be the loser?

If Persistency becomes a daily habit, then Personal Discipline follows. It will be death to “pasaways” of the roads.




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