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Sly Excuses of Traffic Violators

    Unclogging the Metro Manila streets of traffic violators challenged the MMDA since day 1 of its existence. Now, the MMDA found a workable formula: an immense potential. If the standard procedure remains intact and uncorrupted. The role of

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How Chief Justice Sereno Outwits the Monkeys

  The Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno appeared as the tortoise of the old time favorite fable – The Tortoise and the Monkey. This famous fable paralleled to the current political climate with a twist:  The monkey characters multiplied. The

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The Breastfeed Paintings

    Dante Garcia, a photography hobbyist, one of my FB friends posted a shared post landed on my timeline. It is a work of Art of a woman breastfeeding an old man while in prison.  The image piqued my

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